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When a flower doesn't bloom, we fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.... Alexander Den

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Ownership Management Company

Medical Enterprises International Limited ( MEIL )is a UK registered Company, in existence since 2003, with head offices in Newcastle, UK.


Meilindia is an associated company of MEIL, UK.

To assist us in the multiple roles, we have a team of experts including retired healthcare CEOs, Financial Analysts, Pharmacy Auditors, BioMedical Consultants, IT and Digital Media Experts, Diagnostic Professionals. Specialized Doctors, MEP consultants, Architects and Administrative Officers, Business Professionals to name a few.


Global experience for local implementation

Collaboration with Peers

Health care involves the participation of patients, family, a diverse team of often highly specialized health care professionals and Peers. Involvement of all these team members in a cooperative and coordinated way is essential to providing exceptional care. As more people and organizations understand the important role and benefits of peer support, together we can extend and build support into a routine part of health, health care, and prevention policies and systems. 

Operation Management

In the ever-changing healthcare industry, effective operations management is not an option, but a necessity. Planning, Team mobilization, Control and overseeing, Cost and Operation control, Automation and work culture development

Marketing Management

Hospitalsmedical practices, and healthcare organizations will have to stay one step ahead to keep up with both competitors and patient needs. This means investing in best-in-class technologies and resources for your healthcare marketing strategies that put your brand top-of-mind for patients and keeps them engaged and invested.Branding, CRM, Internal marketing, Value preposition, Innovation on revenue streams, Digital Platforms .... matters..

Acquisition and Merging

Bring economics of scope, scale and synergy.  It will increase the market share , diversification of risk and faster strategy implementation. Mergers and acquisitions represent growth for both companies involved in the transaction

Finance Management

Business strategies and financial management are intertwined. Power to boost agility, mitigate risk and increase ROI. Vaccinated Cash flow, Stress test and ensuring investment happiness. 

Corporate Governance

Leads to ethical business practices, which leads to financial viability. Corporate governance fosters a culture of integrity and leads to a positive performing and sustainable business

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Our analysis is your
Analysis of Business Health

 Introduction of new business models, exponential technology, and agile ways of working

Capacity and demand analysis to match the different situation•  Utilization of remote staff (clinical and nonclinical)

  • Consumers’ increased ownership of their health and data
  • Provision of clear and concise information on treatment care and cost
  • Balance between virtual visits and a trusted physician’s relationship
  • Programs to support a person’s holistic well-being
Our Team Leaders are 
Patiently Impatient
In business development
Executive Director of Strategy and Performance of NHS. His experience covers the UK (Government National Health Service), Africa and India. 

Strategic health care planning, financial management, operational,QA and HIMS 
Foto Dr Raju
Dr. Raju George Chairman
Well versed in gulf region and Indian healthcare business. Time bound strategic objectives, financial health.

Initiation and operational management of healthcare institutions. Revenue innovation, investment and business marketing
Foto Najeeb
Mr. Najeeb Karothkuzhy Managing Director
Ex-Deputy Minister in EHealth, KSA, UN spokesman of the country and digital transformation expert. 
Chair of IHE Saudi Arabia, a Board member of the IHE international since 2013 and a Board Member of the Saudi Pediatric Association 
Dr. Balkhair Advisory Board
With medical service experience in France, USA,  Canada, Saudi, Qatar and Iraq. He is a Qatar MOH consultant and done multiple publications in french. Member France Dermatology Society
Foto Dr Saadeldin
Dr. Saadeldin Advisory Board
Serving as Professor Gastroenterology, TMC, D.M Homi Bhaba National Institute  and WHO- Atomic Energy.  Coordinator of the “Asian Fellow Exchange Program”,  Fukoka, Japan. 
Member of Specialist Panel for Esophageal Cancer, ICMR, India, International Advisory  Family Medicine  Dubai Health Authority. 
Foto -DrShaesta
Dr. Shaesta Mehta Advisory Board
Project as a passion, he delivered his best in his 22 Years of International Projects management. USP is the design and Implementation with JCI and completed 15 Healthcare Industry Projects... He is the Projects VP of Orchid Medicity, Malappuram.
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-06 at 3.32.49 PM
Dr. Justine Augustine Vice President
-Group Projects
20 Years of Industry experience nationally and  internationally with flying colors in financially and functionally running hospitals. Director and CEO of Orchid Medicity, Malappuram and Ex Group CEO of one of the best hospital brand in India.
Foto Shine
Mr. Shine Mohan Group CEO

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